Mutuality in the Biosphere: A set of three experimental workshops with moths and moss.

3 - 4 July 2021 

Shared conjunctions - Mutuality in the Biosphere - is a set of three experimental workshops and a supportive temporary exhibition set at the Potting Shed at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer.


Participants are invited to reconnect with the biosphere and encourage care for nature and other-than-human species. Our projects bio-entities - the moss and the moth - can act as a metaphor and as a reflective tool and aid in healing human society and systems.


Participants are invited to join 3 workshop sessions over the course of an afternoon, working with moss, moths and storytelling.


Saturday 3rd July 12.00 - 16.30pm

1. Destabilised Common Grounds - Learn about kinship from moss colonies

2. Speculative Garden for Moths - Learn about moth vision and make speculative blooms 

3. Writing spells for Moths - Listen and get inspired to write moth spells


You are invited to join all three workshops, there will be breaks between and opportunities to visit the rest of the sculpture park during the session. Please bring snacks or a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park in one of these breaks. Alternatively if you prefer to just join 1 or 2 sessions get in touch and we can let you know approximate starting times for the individual sessions. 


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