Tracing Places: The Potting Shed

4 September 2021 

Aggregate Arts, established by the alumni of the Royal College of Art, will facilitate 'Tracing Places', a hands-on creative experience of Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, exploring the compelling artwork within the unique backdrop of Contempoarary Sculpture Fulmer and the Potting Shed.


Mini workshops situated in the grounds of CSF will introduce participants to the patterns, textures, and the easily overlooked, small details of the site. The following workshops will take place throughout the day:

IN THE LINE OF SIGHT draws on Adam Buick's Sight Lines II and visitors will be encouraged to focus on the small details that will become apparent to them.

Repeating Patterns/Touching Space: Participants will 'see' through texture and touch. Patterns will be created using small objects from the woodland floor.

Clay Drawing: Examine the environment around you, then using sticks, sponges, and your hands, draw on a large communal artwork, getting physical and using the body to engage with the park.

Revealing Fulmer at the Potting Shed offers a chance to bring different experiences and understandings of Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer into a collective clay sculpture.


The gardens will be open from 11 am until 4 pm. Drop in workshops will run throughout the day.