7th Edition

13 May - 29 July 2023 Garden

Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer is delighted to announce the re-opening of its grounds for a final season. Exhibiting emerging to established artists from around the world working across a myriad of mediums from clay to marble, the outdoor sculptures each respond to the sensitivity of the site, from the open grounds to its still ponds and woodland nooks. Running from 13 May - 29 July 2023, the 7th edition will see Jenn Ellis - founder of Apsara Studio and AORA - as Guest Curator. Since its inception in 2017, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer has been leading commissioning and the exhibition of outdoor sculpture, providing a thoughtful space for discovery just outside London in collaboration with artists, galleries and institutions globally. In this final edition, visitors will be able to explore works by: Cornelia Baltes, David Cooper, Elena Gileva, Rebecca Halliwell Sutton, Henry Hussey, Yeni Mao, Marco Miehling, Adeline de Monseignat, David Murphy, Will Nash, Henrique Oliveira, Ryan Orme, Milly Peck, Lucia Pizzani, Jesse Pollock, Hannah Rowan, Andrew Sabin, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Alex Seton and Gavin Turk.