Spotlight Award

    • Brooke Benington are pleased to host the Royal Society of Sculptors Spotlight Award at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer. 


      Founded in 2017, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer is a private sculpture park in Buckinghamshire which surveys the breadth of contemporary sculptural practice. Established with the aim of offering a space for sculptural experimentation, development and dialogue. Alongside the annual exhibition programme, we are continuing to create opportunities for artists to engage, exhibit and share their ideas.

    • The annual spotlight award gives us an chance to work directly with the membership of The Royal Society of Sculptors; each year the Societies membership are invited to apply for the opportunity to present a solo installation within a cleared area of woodland. The successful applicant is selected and mentored through the process by Brooke Benington directors George Marsh and Lily Brooke. There is no restriction to the style, medium or scale of the work but we ask that applicants consider and are considerate to the environment in which the work will ultimately be exhibited.

  • Spotlight Award Winner 2022: Daniel Solomons

  • Previous winners