Lucy Gregory

CSF Shorts
September 15, 2020

Gregory’s sculptures originate from flat planes and surfaces - collage, photography and mathematical nets: later expanding and volumising into larger surreal objects and environments.

“It comes from a world of screens and flat representations which is how we encounter a lot of the world and space around us.” 

Lucy Gregory (b. 1994, UK) studied at Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford (2013-2016) and MA Sculpture at Royal College of Art (2016-2018). Recent exhibitions include: Bold Tendencies Summer Programme, Peckham, London (2020); Readdressing the Balance: Woman Artists from the Ingram Collection, The Lightbox Gallery, Woking (2020); PAREIDOLIA, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, The Space Station Gallery, London (2019); Guts Gallery Opening Exhibition, Guts Gallery, London (2019); Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London (2018).