Jesse Pollock

CSF Shorts
July 28, 2020

Jesse Pollock creates sculptures and wall-based works from a combination of steel and silicone. Manipulating steel in the form of benches, ladders and pots, Pollock depicts the experience of contemplation and its effect on our decision making processes. 

“[They're] fetishising the countryside of Britain and how it can have its dark sides as well as its beauty” 

Drawing on imagery native to the rural area of Teynham in Kent, where Pollock was born, his work addresses the perpetual cycle of contemplation, procrastination, frustration and action that constitutes artistic process, and the eventual lack of beginning or end that unfolds in his work. Pollock uses a variety of technological processes, such as 3D modelling and iPhone drawings, however ultimately returns to the physicality of material works and human interaction.