Victor Seaward

CSF Shorts
August 25, 2020

Seaward is interested in the agency of things, their material history, and how our visual cultures interact. Mining a broad spectrum of our material cultures to create composite works. Seaward juxtaposes raw, functional materials, such as concrete, with high-tech industrial materials and objects of a historical significance to expose how social and cultural groups create meaning within the material world. The quantum tangle emitted a knot of structure sufficiently complex to reflect, not just the universe outside, but its own inner state.

“We’ve seen signs of nature restoring to its previous levels before the Anthropocene.” 

Victor Seaward (b. 1988, Kuala Lumpur) studied BA History of Art at University of Leeds (2007-2010) and MA Painting at Royal College of Art (2016-2018). Recent exhibitions include: Listen to the Hum, Alice Black Gallery, London (2019); Nebelmeer, Recent Activity, Birmingham (2019); Vanitas, Rectory Projects, London (2019); Isabelline and Other Colours, Lily Brooke, London (2019); Outlines Roughly the Size of a Suit - Two Person with Luke Burton, Union Gallery, London (2019). Recent Awards include: Valerie Beston Grant, Painting Department, Royal College of Art (2018).